St Marguetire Church in Carcheto Brustico

The baroque church was built by local craftsmen from Castagniccia to xviie et xviiie centuries. It is flanked by a huge openwork bell tower and its facade presents a harmonious composition with its warm colored stones. The baroque interior is touchingly simple, but the paintings are quite deteriorated. Its location makes it one of the most picturesque churches in the region. The building is classified as historical monuments in 1976.z






Church of St Perre and Paul de Piedicroce

The building contains many works, from xviecentury to nineteenthe century, owned by the municipality and all listed as Historical Monuments. Tables, hotels, a tribune organ, a Stations of the Cross, various virgins etc ...

The church was completed by a bell tower adjoining the left side of the main facade. This western facade has a triangular pediment with two volutes flanking the upper level, and a niche entirely decorated with painted motifs: a shell occupies the entire vault of the cul-de-four.

A recent restoration of the facade has brought to light a polychromy which, applied to the turbulent elements of the decoration, helps to assert the baroque character of the whole..

The interior consists of a single nave and seven side chapels, richly decorated in Rococo style. The ceiling is decorated with frescoes depicting the Resurrection of Christ. The walls also feature rich ornamentation.





Church of St. John the Baptist of Porta

The church and its campanile, baroque style, were built in xviiie century (1700 - 1725) - masters of Baina Domenico and Francescone, and listed as Historic Monuments since 1975. Protected elements: the bell tower, the interior decor and the exterior decor.

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Piazzole Gate

Parish Church of the Annunciation, whose carved wooden door (1774) is classified as Monument since 1992. According to oral tradition, the door was made by a bandit to redeem himself from his crime. The door was erected on 20 May 1774.






But also…

You can visit near us, the chapel of San Martinu, San Marcelluyou will discover the door of the Valle D'Orezzza and Piedi Partino, as well as the convent of St. Francis of Orezza, all these monuments have historical value and are steeped in the history of Corsica.